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Was Lizzie always this stupid?

I’m an avid reader. I like to read all things. I do not discriminate, in fact, I have an unabashed love for Jackie Collins novels that I will not apologise for.   I have always been like this. For every literary novel I read in high school/young adulthood, I also read some trash. Frequently this trash was Sweet Valley High/University.  So imagine my surprise when I realised  Sweet Valley Confidential came out couple of years ago,  the 10 year update on what the Wakefield sisters are up to.  So I’m doing some catch up and Holy Geebus,  stupid and depressing much? It was always vapid and I guess it never challenged why oh so smart Elizabeth never paid attention to what was going on around but I knew it was happening. On some level I forgave them because of their age, In this latest treasure they’re suppose to be 27. Playtime is over Elizabeth Wakefield! Coasting by on your looks is not enough these days honey.  According to you, your sister Jessica worked this one out 8 months ago. Time to move on! We’re done here!

It’s like reading a $1 romance novel I picked up from Lifeline to pad out the set on my friend’s film. It’s rare I can actually feel myself getting dumber just by reading, but it’s happening. I think it’s being reflected in my writing as we speak… punctuation hell! I’ll still read this lil’ brain squirt and it’s follow ups, which are still being written. I’d blame this on 50 Shades of Grey (probably the only thing I have actually refused to read but Jennifer Armin Trout does a great chapter by chapter recap so you don’t have to) but this was happening long before that one ever came along.

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Gender Trap or the bullshit we’ve been fed by psuedo science

Awesome podcast from the CBC on the way science and society has shaped the supposed Gender Gap.

“For the past 20 years we’ve been hearing the claims from pop psychology to neuroscience: men and women, boys and girls, have different brains. The books are plentiful: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,The Female Brain, The Essential Difference. The idea that males and females are hard-wired to learn differently, making them better suited for specific professions, has taken hold.  Yet some neuroscientists and psychologists believe this leads to unhealthy gender stereotyping.  IDEAS producer Mary O’Connell explores the debate.”

The Gender Gap, CBC


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What the blog says

sometimes I can be very jealous and vindictive. I don’t know if anyone would agree because I can be so passive aggressive.  I just have so much trouble sometimes with that friend you know that posts about a million things in a day about what they’re doing so they can get a billions positive comments back, the chick that’s always posting the selfies or the girl posting the derogatory comment about some other girl for the approval of the males.

Sometimes I’ll  comment on that withe the most inane, sarcastic or biting comment, just so I feel they don’t get too big of a head.  I doesn’t help anyone but myself but secretly I enjoy it. I hope it doesn’t carry over when I have kids, I’d much prefer them to be overly confident shitheads then an emotionally crippled character a la moi. (nothing worse than somebody putting on airs and adding incorrect french phrases in, amiright?)

The thing that makes it more wrong is that I definitely get a little thrill myself when somebody likes, comments or shares something I do. Obviously this blog itself is evidence that I’m as much of an attention seeker as they are so why do I feel I can be such a bitch?

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