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Things I have discovered about myself in the last minute or so

I am far more witty in anonymous comments then on Facebook

I have a real sadistic streak, but only if it’s mutually beneficial to all.   Especially when it comes  to rich people and mining. Honestly! have you seen this? (via theAwl)

Clowns freak me out a lot less than they used to.  Watch the promo and donate to fund our film Smile. It will probably not help you get to the same place I am but it will be damn fun!

I have a mountain of clothes but none of them go together. Okay I discovered that earlier but it’s a serious problem, don’t you think?


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New Music I love: Niki & the Dove – Tomorrow

Totally trying to get in before everybody else climbs all over it, like a good hipster.  Love this so much!  Evokes something so very Scandinavian/Nordic in music. The Uni-tard and hair just make it that much better.

Reminds me of The Knife, Royksopp maybe even a bit of  Bjork…. but doesn’t everybody want to be a little bit Bjork?

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Sorry Beyonce but you’ve been replaced

Sorry Beyonce but you've been replaced

Honestly every time I see Solange Knowles these days she’s rockin some awesome outfit and got the natural ‘fro going. This year is totally Solange’s year! I’m calling it!

Click the photo to check out more of the magic seen at the 2012 Tribeca Ball… What the hell is that anyway?

(via Jezebel)

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April 17, 2012 · 4:32 pm