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Over before it began

I felt from the moment he said, “I don’t understand contemporary art, I just don’t get it”, this was probably not going to happen. I persisted despite this.  We went to some crazy theatre production about a woman obsessed.  After, I said that it disturbed me, I felt she should have been stronger.  He said “that’s why I like it”…

We went to a coffee shop, had Chai, talked politics and agreed on many topics. At the end he said he preferred not to get into politics.  It was over.

(If I could draw I would have done this as a comic)


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Dating (Miss)Adventures


I’m kind of obsessed with reading these Dateline articles on Nerve.  It’s entirely possible that I just need to know that other people are having as hard if not harder time than me in the dating world. I know have have a few hang ups or issues when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex.  Not to mention commitment issues and what appears to be some slight unrealistic expectations.

On the whole, My idea of romance is incredibly simple but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like it to be involved.  Romance can be just remembering a stupid thing I said back in some text I sent 3 weeks ago that made you laugh.  it’s just showing you actually give a fuck to make the other person laugh or have a good time.  That’s not that hard is it?

I’ve been on OKCupid for the past 3 years and I have had some interesting adventures.  Not sexy ones like my friend, Let’s call her MML or My Main lady. No, I’ve had the much more common “I’m really sorry I haven’t responded but I’ve been having surgery to get rid of my CANCER” or “while you were away for a week I found someone I like more, sorry” or “I like you a lot but I completely forgot we were going out tonight, rain-check?  P.S.I’ll sleep over, have some wicked dream and bite you in my sleep”

I figure this is someone in the middle range of freaky dating stories since I haven’t gained a stalker or waken up to some guy wanking in the corner but still, I’m scoring pretty well.

Let’s see how the next couple go.



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