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The Guardian – A short story

The Sprite watch the child patiently from the daffodils.  She flicked water off her long lace wings from where it had settled that morning.  Jilly must not see her. It was important she stayed as still for this.

Whispering thoughts into wind, it whipped around the child’s head and settled into her imagination. The child smiled , holding up her hands as though trying to catch the thought before it entered her tiny ears.

Her mother looked up as once again the child’s laughter rang through the air. Smiling she shook her head and settled back to her book.

The Sprite too smiled, as she remembered how little effort it had taken to spark the imagination of Jilly’s mother when she was young.  Two Peas in a pod as the humans say.  Though every fae knows not one pea is exactly alike.


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