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Do names still have a gender?


You may have heard by now that Jessica Simpson finally popped out a lil one after the longest pregnancy in history (probably not but lets not pretend we weren’t thinking it.)  The second tidbit is that she named her little girl Maxwell Drew.  The comments have been going off a bit at this info.  “but that’s 2 boys names?”  I will not lie a few comments tickled me a bit and made me think she really does have a good sense of humour, but the former was honestly my first thought. Luckily my developed brain then skipped straight into, What right do I have to judge what gender a name is? I expect the first girl or boy to be called Sydney would not appreciate it. has a list of 121 Unisex names and I’m sure there is more added to this list everyday including Maxwell.  It’s universally accepted that Bailey can be either a girl or a boy. An let’s face it, everybody knows that you can’t look at a baby and be able to tell it’s a boy or girl. However, people get so worked up about it like the downfall of the world came with the non-gender specific onesie/romper or, baby jeebus help us, if you happen to dress a boy in pink.  Just stop confusing people, you hippies!

Moral here is, it’s not my place or yours to judge what gender a name is.  Save your pity and confusion for the sadly misspelled phonetic ones like Shy-anne, DestyNeigh, Madisyn.

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Just washing my Toucan

Famous people had some crazy exotic pets.  My personal favourite other than the stack of cheetahs, which was obviously a popular one at that time, is seeing Beatrix Potter with her pet rabbit… on a string leash! Maybe she was planning on wringing its neck later but thought she’d save time and just let it garrote itself. As you do…

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Sorry Beyonce but you’ve been replaced

Sorry Beyonce but you've been replaced

Honestly every time I see Solange Knowles these days she’s rockin some awesome outfit and got the natural ‘fro going. This year is totally Solange’s year! I’m calling it!

Click the photo to check out more of the magic seen at the 2012 Tribeca Ball… What the hell is that anyway?

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April 17, 2012 · 4:32 pm

The Days of Jake

Remember the days when it was all about Jake Gyllenhaal? yeah, Before Ryan Gosling came along and hey Girl’d about the place.

Page Six posted another literary masterpiece on Jake making everybody squee at Soulcycle UNion sq.  I stayed in Union square when I was in New York *gasp*, I could have been that close to Jake and his spin class. *gasp* Then IMAGINE a if Ryan Gosling was at the same gym *squirt*

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