Funny Face

I bought this thing called a BB cream.  apparently it stands for Blemish Brightening or brightener or something. I know there’s Blemish in there.  while my skin isn’t horrible, bad decisions during my teen/early adulthood years means I do actually have some scars. Also fair skinned so the inevitable redness.  I’m always on the quest to find something that covers whilst still looking natural. 

The best thing I’ve found is purminerals makeup but still it’s quite a heavy thing and can drift off your face when you sweat no matter how much you’ve primed.  so back to the BB cream, thought I’d try this because it seemed like a primer/tinted moisturiser kind of action. and, ummm, well, not really showing much promise.  Can still see my scars and redness, the few pimples I got during my period this month that stubbornly refuse to disappear.  Honestly, I think this along with primers is just some crummy way of trying to make us spend more money.  I want to say Never again will I fall for this but I almost definitely will as long as they keep promising me perfect skin.


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  1. Hello! BB stands for Blemish Balm.
    Which brand are you currently using?

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