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Things I have discovered about myself in the last minute or so

I am far more witty in anonymous comments then on Facebook

I have a real sadistic streak, but only if it’s mutually beneficial to all.   Especially when it comes  to rich people and mining. Honestly! have you seen this? (via theAwl)

Clowns freak me out a lot less than they used to.  Watch the promo and donate to fund our film Smile. It will probably not help you get to the same place I am but it will be damn fun!

I have a mountain of clothes but none of them go together. Okay I discovered that earlier but it’s a serious problem, don’t you think?


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New Music I love: Niki & the Dove – Tomorrow

Totally trying to get in before everybody else climbs all over it, like a good hipster.  Love this so much!  Evokes something so very Scandinavian/Nordic in music. The Uni-tard and hair just make it that much better.

Reminds me of The Knife, Royksopp maybe even a bit of  Bjork…. but doesn’t everybody want to be a little bit Bjork?

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Just washing my Toucan

Famous people had some crazy exotic pets.  My personal favourite other than the stack of cheetahs, which was obviously a popular one at that time, is seeing Beatrix Potter with her pet rabbit… on a string leash! Maybe she was planning on wringing its neck later but thought she’d save time and just let it garrote itself. As you do…

(via Hairpin)


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Sorry Beyonce but you’ve been replaced

Sorry Beyonce but you've been replaced

Honestly every time I see Solange Knowles these days she’s rockin some awesome outfit and got the natural ‘fro going. This year is totally Solange’s year! I’m calling it!

Click the photo to check out more of the magic seen at the 2012 Tribeca Ball… What the hell is that anyway?

(via Jezebel)

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April 17, 2012 · 4:32 pm

The Days of Jake

Remember the days when it was all about Jake Gyllenhaal? yeah, Before Ryan Gosling came along and hey Girl’d about the place.

Page Six posted another literary masterpiece on Jake making everybody squee at Soulcycle UNion sq.  I stayed in Union square when I was in New York *gasp*, I could have been that close to Jake and his spin class. *gasp* Then IMAGINE a if Ryan Gosling was at the same gym *squirt*

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Do all girls really want pink fluffy things?

Sat down to read an article about Pixar’s new movie ‘Brave’ in Time Magazine proved to be an experience I won’t forget too soon. The film involves their first female lead character and the title of the piece ‘Pixar’s Girl Story‘.  The character is a princess but a tough, bear-fighting scottish princess.  Read Braveheart rewritten as girl with a more entertaining story attached (I hope.) It was on the third page I came across a statement that left me breathless,

There’s guts in marketing a princess movie to boys, but it’s just bad business not to give your princess a tiara, wand or frilly pink dress, since that’s what little girls buy.” (Joel Stein, ‘Pixars Girl Story’, Time, March 5 2012)

ummm, sorry?

He goes on to quote that ‘Disney Princesses make up the top selling toys in the US’ which I’m sure is true but has Joel Stein walked down an aisle in the Toy Store lately? Particularly that pink aisle which is so pervasive you can’t really escape it.  Does he have daughters himself? Speaking from personal experience, when I was a small child in the 80’s & 90’s, I may have had some pink frilly things hoisted upon me but my favourite dress up was a cape.  My barbies and She-ra played side by side with transformers and He-man.  I may have played teacher to menagerie of toys, not one of them was particularly frilly, pink or wore a tiara.

We are taught from an early age that we must like pink, baby-dolls and other such “girly” things,  Trucks are for the boys.  However, at school, my girlfriends and I would play tag in the playground and make up wild stories about being on a ship. In one story I’m pretty sure Cinderella married Vanilla Ice (it was the early 90’s). We did what we wanted to do because it was play; there’s no distinct rules, certainly not in Gender.

Noone told us that we had to play one way or another, except for when we were confronted with messages in media that said ‘This’ is what girls play with.  Like the Riley on Youtube I’m driven to question, Why do little girls have to buy pink & princesses? The only answer I can come up with,  noone bothered to ask what we really wanted.

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The Literary comedown

While I may be stretching it a bit to call it literature, I have just completed the entire Hunger Games trilogy.  It captured me in a way that Harry Potter and twilight never could and still haven’t  ( I have never read more than a line from each, so sue me!).  Frankly, it’s left me a little depressed.  I don’t know if I wanted more because it actually ended quite beautifully however I’m in a bit of a lull.  I get this after most books I really enjoy so it’s not unknown to me but the thought of reading any other book in my rotation, especially Infinite Jest fills me with dread.  Is this what an easy read does to the brain?

While you ponder that Statement you can check this out

Mean Girls of Panem (via Crushable)

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