It’s been awhile

It's been awhile

Honestly I haven’t even looked this place in awhile.. a whole year almost?? I really should get back into it. What’s been happening?? wellllll can’t say it hasn’t been awesome. Met a boy (well I already knew him but yeah) and lats year we moved in together. I’m back at college doing a course in Building design or Architectural technician. Hopefully this leads to me freelancing and enjoying life in a slightly better way than before. If I complain about things I forget to use this page so I will ammend this in future. x

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April 30, 2014 · 10:17 am

The Guardian – A short story

The Sprite watch the child patiently from the daffodils.  She flicked water off her long lace wings from where it had settled that morning.  Jilly must not see her. It was important she stayed as still for this.

Whispering thoughts into wind, it whipped around the child’s head and settled into her imagination. The child smiled , holding up her hands as though trying to catch the thought before it entered her tiny ears.

Her mother looked up as once again the child’s laughter rang through the air. Smiling she shook her head and settled back to her book.

The Sprite too smiled, as she remembered how little effort it had taken to spark the imagination of Jilly’s mother when she was young.  Two Peas in a pod as the humans say.  Though every fae knows not one pea is exactly alike.

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Over before it began

I felt from the moment he said, “I don’t understand contemporary art, I just don’t get it”, this was probably not going to happen. I persisted despite this.  We went to some crazy theatre production about a woman obsessed.  After, I said that it disturbed me, I felt she should have been stronger.  He said “that’s why I like it”…

We went to a coffee shop, had Chai, talked politics and agreed on many topics. At the end he said he preferred not to get into politics.  It was over.

(If I could draw I would have done this as a comic)

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Oh Snap! Indeed

I always enjoy reading Splitsider the little read Comedy counterpart to The Awl but this lil nugget definitely deserves an “oh Snap!”

“- NBC has made a put pilot commitment to 50/50 writer Will Reiser and his comedian sister Robin Reiser for a single-cam sitcom entitled High Life. The show is about a newly sober young woman who tries to balance married life, motherhood, and her job. Is your nepotism-sense tingling? Ready for this? From Deadline: “The Reisers are executive producing with JJ Philbin, Jake Kasdan and Thruline’s Willie Mercer, with Melvin Mar producing. Most of the auspices on the project have strong Hollywood lineage. Will and Robin Reiser are cousins to comedian Paul Reiser, Philbin is the daughter of Regis Philbin, while Kasdan’s father is writer-director Lawrence Kasdan.” And what were we saying about Girls?”

It’s about time someone admitted that Lena’s not the only one with “famous” friends and family. famous by association is a valuable commodity in Hollywood.  If it weren’t for nepotism we wouldn’t have had to seen the oh so awful acting displayed by Cody Horn in Magic Mike. So awful, so the studio exec’s daughter.

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Was Lizzie always this stupid?

I’m an avid reader. I like to read all things. I do not discriminate, in fact, I have an unabashed love for Jackie Collins novels that I will not apologise for.   I have always been like this. For every literary novel I read in high school/young adulthood, I also read some trash. Frequently this trash was Sweet Valley High/University.  So imagine my surprise when I realised  Sweet Valley Confidential came out couple of years ago,  the 10 year update on what the Wakefield sisters are up to.  So I’m doing some catch up and Holy Geebus,  stupid and depressing much? It was always vapid and I guess it never challenged why oh so smart Elizabeth never paid attention to what was going on around but I knew it was happening. On some level I forgave them because of their age, In this latest treasure they’re suppose to be 27. Playtime is over Elizabeth Wakefield! Coasting by on your looks is not enough these days honey.  According to you, your sister Jessica worked this one out 8 months ago. Time to move on! We’re done here!

It’s like reading a $1 romance novel I picked up from Lifeline to pad out the set on my friend’s film. It’s rare I can actually feel myself getting dumber just by reading, but it’s happening. I think it’s being reflected in my writing as we speak… punctuation hell! I’ll still read this lil’ brain squirt and it’s follow ups, which are still being written. I’d blame this on 50 Shades of Grey (probably the only thing I have actually refused to read but Jennifer Armin Trout does a great chapter by chapter recap so you don’t have to) but this was happening long before that one ever came along.

(photo courtesy of Cracked)

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Is Facebook around just to tell you that everybody else is having a way better time than you?

Is it?

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I want my money back

When I was younger I used to come on the internet as a refuge. away from all the people that I mistakenly measured myself against. Now my refuge has become the outside world & nature. Things like Twitter and Facebook just serves to remind me that I still haven’t gotten over a few things.  I still end up measuring myself against my friend’s lives and feeling like I come up short.  Anxiety is a bitch. it’s my bitch.

I wish I could change the rules to suit me but I can’t. So I’m just going to enjoy nature and get some therapy.

(This post was brought on by this blog Fuck I’m in my 20’s then realising I’m in my 30’s now and nothing’s changed)

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